Horse Racing Tipsters - There are literally thousands of websites offering horse racing tips. The best way to evaluate them is through personal recommendation and hard factual results. If you have used any of the services listed, be sure to leave your comments for others to read.

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  Please Remember...
When evaluating a tipster service we strongly suggest you read the Racing100 comments made by previous users of each service.  When you visit any tipsters website check for any guarantees and also whether they provide an email address or telephone number so that if the service doesn't live up to expectations or deliver what was promised, you can speak to them.  Also check to see if they proof their results - which is always preferable to their own claims.



1 Speculate2Accumulate

Speculate 2 accumulate is a group of four tipsters at present. The site offers tips on both UK and Irish racing, accessible through the website, or via premium telephone line. They proof to two of the major service and claim some pretty decent profits. Tips are provided on a fairly frequent basis and costs are dependent on which method of purchase you choose - but on average work out at about ?30 per month per tipster. A likeable website, which has potential.   Visit Website

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2 Tipping League

Absorbing website where both online tipsters, plus yourself can publish their tips in a single place. Successful tipping brings its rewards! Become a top tipster and you can sell your tips to others and benefit from the proceeds. You are able to buy the tips if you wish, or simply participate in the tipping league. Sign-up is free and worth a look for anyone who ever dreamed of making their living from horseracing.  Visit Website

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3 Henry Rix

Famous for being one of the leading newspaper tipsters for many years, Henry Rix now operates a high-profile and expensive tipping service to the public. Website is decent enough and you can enrol online. Has fairly consistent profits according to website and a regular advertiser in the racing press.   Visit Website

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4 Richard Dunwoody

Ex-jockey Richard Dunwoody's tipping service. Website is professional and well set out, and they have a pay-as-you-win approach to their tipping. You will need access to text messages and be willing to provide credit card information up-front. Tips proofed to the Racing Post.  Visit Website

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5 Equine Investments

Expensive, but proofing over long period of time has shown this service is genuinely profitable. Only accepts a certain number of clients per year, and subscription is a year minimum. Full results and service information in detail on-site. Worth a look.  Visit Website

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Hudson Horses is a daily racehorse tipping service. Very cheap rates for text messaging or email tips on a daily basis. Full results are available and a free tip is provided once a week.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (1)  | Category Rank: 6  | Overall Rank:  155    


The Sportsman
Sports betting website which provides regular tips, primarily on football. Yearly subscription of tips via premium SMS. Results published on the website.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (1)  | Category Rank: 7  | Overall Rank:  157    


The Longshot King
Single page betting system. Promises longer term profits based on a monthly subscription of around 30.00. Free 14 day trial. Been around a fair while, so must have a decent service with people returning.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 8  | Overall Rank:  161    


Each Way Pays
Tipster service which requires you to login to their website to get the daily information. Based on two systems which utilise the place market on Betfair. Proofed as well and appears to have fairly consistent profits. Relatively cheap for each service at ?40 per month.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 9  | Overall Rank:  279    


Winning Racing Tips
Paul Ruffy runs this site, providing 1-2 tips per day through the website. All his results for the last three years are available to view and he proofs to 3rd party sites. There are also a number of e-books to purchase, written by the site owner.    View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 10  | Overall Rank:  280    


Computer Form
A self written computer formbook is the basis for this service - providing a statistical approach to betting. Best bets are proofed but daily information is given via email and text message. Run by a chap called Bryan the service provides both win bets and lays.    View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 11  | Overall Rank:  281    


Which Tipster
Which Tipster is a proofing aggregation service which provides regular information on the top performing professional tipsters in the UK. There is a one-off sign-up fee which means you again access to the information on constant basis. There are also free trial set-ups included so you can 'paper trade' various tipsters.    View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 12  | Overall Rank:  330    


Tip Exchange
Become a premier league tipster! Enrol as a tipster with tipster exchange and you can work you way up to become an overnight tipping sensation. Bright website which promotes the best tipsters with paid for selections and promotes them to its community.    View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 13  | Overall Rank:  334    


Proofed tipping service which offers a free seven day trial. Tips provided by email.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 14  | Overall Rank:  427    


AMR Investments
Racehorse Tipping website. Offers bets to your mobile for a monthly subscription.    View Website

View/Add User Comments (1)  | Category Rank: 15  | Overall Rank:  430    


Win 2 Win
Free horseracing tips, plus a paid for tipping service. Site contains plenty of free information plus betting systems and advice. Also some systems software for free download.    View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 16  | Overall Rank:  485    


Winning Wager
Win and lay based betting tips and systems. Proofed service with moderate cost per month. Privately run and tips are provided by email by noon each day.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 17  | Overall Rank:  518    


Prem Code
Email and SMS delivered tipping service, based on statistical analysis. Full results for the last 5 years included.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 18  | Overall Rank:  519    


The Inside Rail
Reasonably priced tipping service which send out text messages or emails the morning of the race. Proofed and results available. 1 month free trial available to new subscribers.    View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 19  | Overall Rank:  520    


Racing Portfolios
A tipster aggregation service which provides the tips from about a dozen online services to you for a single price. Tips sent by email at various times during the day.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 20  | Overall Rank:  543    


Blue Sky Racing
Straightforward tipping service which operates under subscription. Full results available and also proof to two services. However, quite expensive but full contact details are available.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 21  | Overall Rank:  544    


Free Horseracing Info
A free tips website, with tips sent on a daily basis if you are willing to provide your email address. Simple sign up process and have been operating for a number of years.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 22  | Overall Rank:  547    


Optimum Racing
Heavy advertiser in the Racing Post, optimum have been around for about eight years and provide a premium telephone line and a subscription tipping service. No proofing available on the website, and scant information. No contact information apart from a telephone number.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 23  | Overall Rank:  569    


Gambling Housewife
Free tips available here, but the site is messy and confusing and many of the links are out of date and add to the confusion - nice idea but poorly executed.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 24  | Overall Rank:  635    


GG King
This service is sprawled over a number of very long and complex pages, but in amongst the adverts is a tipping service and a free trial is available.    View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 25  | Overall Rank:  636    


Inside Out Racing
Tipping service with information sent by email or text message when tips available. Free trail available. Service is proofed.   View Website

View/Add User Comments (0)  | Category Rank: 26  | Overall Rank:  652    


Gamblers Reunited
Mixture of blogs and free bet lists.    View Website

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